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Meet Ranavat, the First South Asian-Founded Ayurvedic Skin-Care Brand to Launch at Sephora


When Michelle Ranavat experienced severe postpartum hair fall six years ago, she discovered the only thing that helped: Ayurvedic oil from India. Ranavat was impressed with her regimen and wanted to explore more Ayurvedic recipes. But she couldn’t find the same quality of ingredients in the United States.

It was 2016. Ranavat had been laid off from her job at Lehman Brothers, so she was back working at her dad’s pharmaceutical business. It was an industry she grew up in; instead of attending “fancy Summer camps” as a kid, Ranavat would visit the company’s warehouse. “I was picking and packing orders… I literally grew up [there],” she tells Allure. A science-obsessed teen, Ranavat ended up receiving a degree in industrial engineering.

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