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Bridal Beauty Countdown: The Ultimate Self-Care Guide

Bridal Skincare

Dear Hudson Derm Family,

Dr. Mian here. The Save the Dates are out! As someone planning my own wedding, I understand how thrilling and overwhelming the countdown can be. Just like with skin conditions, it’s all in the details when it comes to a routine!

When it comes to wedding prep, we all know an early start is better. Based on your concerns, your dermatologist should come up with a plan and timeline that works for you. I love being a part of helping my brides glow from the inside out on their special day. It can vary depending on concern, but here’s my wedding self-care tips and skin-preparation timeline skeleton.


  • Trying Something New Too Close to the Big Day 

Our skin can sometimes be unpredictable. Getting a new facial or trying out new skincare products can be fun and enticing, but you don’t know how your skin will react. New products may cause sensitivity or allergic reactions, and even gentle procedures like facials can cause breakouts. If you’re going to try new skincare products for the big day, I suggest starting any topicals at least one month before and doing any procedures one week prior.

  • Not Preparing Your Skin for Makeup 

Getting our skin prepped for makeup is really important for smooth application.  While retinoids are the holy grail of dermatology, they can cause flaking, peeling, and dryness, especially when you first start using them. Make sure you give your skin enough time to build tolerance to your retinoid before the wedding, so that your skin is hydrated and smooth for even application.

  • Starting Too Late 

I’ll say it again: earlier the better! Brides, of course, want to look their best for their wedding day, and sometimes that can mean working on things that require multiple treatments.  Things like acne scarring, photo damage, fine lines, and facial balancing that can be improved with dermal fillers are all procedures we commonly do for brides.


The key is to come in early and make a bespoke plan with your dermatologist to get ready for the big day. I recommend my brides come in one year before their wedding for their first consultation. Based on their goals, we come up with a plan together that addresses all their concerns so they can look and feel their best.


BONUS TIP: Don’t Forget the Groom. We tend to focus on brides during weddings, but grooms want to look their best too!  A good (simple) skincare regimen, addressing some fine lines and mild treatments for skin complexion will have the groom glowing next to his bride.


To ensure your skin looks its best on your special day, it’s important to follow a well-structured timeline for treatments. Here’s a wedding preparation timeline to guide you:

Wedding Preparation Timeline



Start 1 Year in Advance 1 Session

Start your skincare journey with a comprehensive Visia Skin Analysis. This state-of-the-art imaging system provides detailed insights into your skin’s condition, allowing us to tailor treatments to your specific needs.



Start 1 Year in Advance 1-2 Sessions as Needed

For a truly personalized skincare experience, consider our Bespoke Facial at Aesthetica Skin Lab. This treatment is tailored specifically to your skin’s needs, ensuring optimal results for your unique complexion.



Start 1 Year in Advance 4-6 Sessions with 1-2 Weeks In Between Each Session

If you have sun damage, textural issues, or acne scars, beginning treatment one year in advance is best for optimal results. This gives you time for the necessary number of sessions, with healing time in between.

Resurfacing lasers can take about one to two weeks to heal and for let’s say acne scars, you may need 4-6 sessions with 6 weeks in between.




Start 6 Months in Advance Go Slow, Sessions Depend on Desired Result

I love the results of filler after it settles in, about six weeks after the procedure. When it comes to filler, you want to go slow, working in sessions until you get to your desired result.

Filler lasts for about one year, so coming in six months before your big day will give you enough time to get sculpted and contoured to your desire.



Start 3 Months in Advance Boost 1 Week Before the Wedding

I love laser facials for an added glow. They have zero downtime and their results build upon themselves.

Three months prior, you may want to start coming in for a laser facial, with a boost one week before the wedding



Start 6 Weeks in Advance (6 Months if First Time Getting Botox)

Botox and other neuromodulators take about two weeks to kick in and last for about 3-4 months.

I recommend brides get their Botox six weeks before the big day, so that they have natural movement for photos without any lines or wrinkles.


Remember: Earlier is better. If you’d like some guidance, request an appointment below and we’ll help you through it all. We’re always here for you.


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