Hair Transplantation

Dr. Bhanusali is a widely known hair expert who regular performs hair transplantations. He also provides input with the industry, helping design the next generation of transplantation devices.

Our office specializes in FUE (follicular unit extraction), a form of transplantation that minimizes scar appearance and makes for a seamless recovery.

The process starts with a consult. Not everyone is a candidate and we never want to push something on someone who doesn’t need it. At the appointment, we evaluate both the site of hair loss, as well as the donor site. Shortly after, our team circles back after discussing the procedure, amount of grafts needed, etc, and plan out the process.

We generally do hair transplants on weekend to ensure privacy. Procedures can take 6-10 hours depending on the amount of hairs transferred.

The procedure

A small area is shaved on the back of the scalp (donor site) and hairs are harvested. Number of hairs depends on the amount needed for desired aesthetic look

The hairs are then separated and prepped for implantation

Our team designs the new hairline and creates small openings to plant the follicles. Over the rest of the day, individual follicles are placed.

Comfort- All patients are provided the ability to enjoy VIRTUAL REALITY during the course of implantation. Most patients lose themselves in the enjoyment of cinema and forget they are in a procedure. We also offer pro-nox to help with any discomfort as needed.

It is important to note- results may not be seen until around 6 months (full result around 1 year) after the procedure.

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