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This “Celebrity Dermatologist” Wants to Be Known for More Than Treating Famous Faces


Dhaval Bhanusali, MD, has made thousand-dollar prescriptions — and glazed-donut skin — more accessible to the masses.


Whatever you do, don’t call Dhaval Bhanusali, MD, a “celebrity dermatologist.” Sure, he’s the dermatologist behind Rhode, Hailey Bieber’s line for glazed-donut skin. And, yes, he’s partially responsible for caring for Martha Stewart’s gravity-defying face. And okay, yeah, there are about 165,000 people avidly watching his TikToks.


So, technically, yes, he is a celebrity dermatologist. But he has his sights set on loftier goals: changing the future of skin care. “I’m trying to bring education and science to the forefront of beauty,” Dr. Bhanusali says. He improves laser techniques and tests new technologies at his New York City practice, Hudson Dermatology and Laser Surgery. He consults for brands like SkinCeuticals, Elta MD, CeraVe, and Neutrogena.


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